Seth Kaufman, PepsiCo to Keynote AAF’s Digital Conference

Seth Kaufman, PepsiCo to Keynote AAF’s Digital Conference

Washington, D.C. (Dec. 9, 2015)—Today, the American Advertising Federation (AAF) announced that Seth Kaufman, Chief Marketing Officer for PepsiCo North America Beverages  will deliver the opening keynote for AAF’s Digital Conference, Edge Effect: Media Meets Technology in Advertising.

The conference will bring together Senior- to Executive-level marketing, advertising, advertising technology and media professionals from major brands, agencies and media companies to address important topics emerging out of the shift to advertising technology and its uses across industries. The powerful line-up of speakers, preceded by Kaufman, will explore topics, such as best practices and business models for brands onboarding new technologies for advertising in “Brands As the New VC’s,” what we can power and create with technology in advertising in “Truth, Lies & Advertising Technology,” what a tech-driven future looks like in a Fireside Chat and the role of video in the future of digital advertising with AOL. Through keynotes and exclusive one-on-one networking sessions with AOL, Pandora, Starcom MediaVest Group, Yahoo! and other industry pioneers, the conference will deliver an enriching and unique experience for attendees. Continue Reading →

How Technology Makes Creative More Intelligent

Today’s technology can target and customize ads with unparalleled precision. At the same time, busy consumers expect ads to be both incredibly compelling and highly relevant. With consumers using multiple devices, creative must seamlessly move across them. Marketers also need to measure and optimize faster than ever. Google’s Creative Platforms Evangelist, Pete Crofut, talks about how new tools and platforms can address these challenges, helping marketers create “intelligent” ads that are engaging and meaningful to consumers in the moments that matter.

Intelligent, engaging, creative. This may sound like a personal ad, but it’s also the future of ads in general. In fact, advertising is getting more personal, more engaging, more interesting and more thought-provoking than ever.

Today’s technology can target and customize ads with unparalleled precision. At the same time, busy consumers expect ads to be both incredibly compelling and highly relevant, and thus meaningful to them at that moment. This means that while the opportunity is bigger than ever, the stakes are higher too. If your brand “matches” with a potential consumer, you might have one chance to make a first impression, so it had better be a good one.

Adding to this are technological obstacles. With consumers using multiple devices, creative must seamlessly move across smartphones, desktops and tablets, a demand that can seem daunting to marketers inexperienced with HTML5 and the coding needed for such content. Marketers also need to know a campaign’s effectiveness and be able to scale it more broadly when it succeeds.

To overcome these challenges, we need to change the traditional way of reaching audiences by prioritizing focused engagement over broad exposure. We also need to rethink how we talk to audiences. Once your brand is in front of the best people, are you delivering the most relevant message? Are you catching and holding their attention?

To do so, a good place to start is to leverage the technology and platforms available to you. They can be used to develop creative solutions that are engaging, relevant, measurable and scalable—in a word, intelligent. But how do creatives actually use technology to build more intelligent ads? And how do marketers piece together the right joint media and creative solution to make the message relevant for every viewer? Continue Reading →

Webinar: Should Technology Dictate Creativity?

AAF Thought Leadership presents:
Innovative Ideas in Digital Advertising: Should Technology Dictate Creativity?

When it comes to advertising, digital is king. It isn’t just the extra point capping off a game winning touchdown drive — it’s the 80 yard bomb to the corner of the end zone. Digital isn’t simply a piece of your ad campaign. It IS your campaign.

Thanks to new innovations in digital technology (paired with an enormous availability of consumer insights), advertisers are reaching their target audience with lightning speed and pinpoint accuracy. Yes, Madison Ave seems to have found its renewable source of energy…in Silicon Valley.

But as digital advertising grows, so too does a dependency upon technology to meet client advertising goals — a dependency which brings forth a new dilemma for agency creatives:

To what extent should technology dictate creativity – or should it at all?

Thursday, September 6, 2012
1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT

Panelists include:
Jason Dailey, Director of Bing Evangelism at Microsoft
Allison Kent-Smith, Director of Digital Development, Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Moderator: Shane Santiago, President and Chief Creative Officer at SBS Studios.

This free webinar is brought to you by the American Advertising Federation’s Thought Leadership program.

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