Intergenerational Managing: from Boomers to Millennials

Unlocking the Secret to Managing Millennials

Article found in USA Today (link)

The expectations regarding work lies differently in the hearts of Millennials compared to those of older generations. In exploring their individual identities and places in the world, Millennials tend to strive for a balance between their work and personal lives, giving way to different work habits. The tech-savvy, independent culture they grow up in calls for a management style that can embrace and optimize this generation’s full working productive potential.

In this article by Steve Strauss of USA Today, Strauss provides a few tips for struggling boomer generation managers in their quest to successfully managing this generation to their full potential. A few tips include:

  • Connectivity: Millennials are from a culture of connectivity and work and strive in a connected environment, even if it means a company Instant Messenger on their Blackberries.
  • Remove categories for Personal Time Off such as sick time, vacation time, etc. and give them a set number of PTO days. This will make the millennial employees feel respected and will not make them feel they need to lie.
  • Set up regular meetings between managers and employees where Millennials can give input about their experience working at the organization. A give-and-take relationship with the company will make them more loyal and dedicated.

Find more tips in the full article.