Welcome to AAF Thought Leadership 2012!

In less than an hour the AAF (in partnership with AARP) will host a nationwide thought leadership forum focused on baby boomers and their perspective on multicultural brand messaging and media content. The discussion starts here in Washington, D.C., and will be simulcast live to host sites in Atlanta, Miami, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Each host site location will feature a panel of industry executives weighing in on the topic as well as an audience of industry professionals sharing their opinions too.

In addition to these live panel discussions we’ll have bloggers covering each location and providing postmortem insights which will be posted to the AAFTL Blog throughout the day and into next week. This is vital information for anyone looking to improve their brand messaging and content targeted to baby boomers.

We encourage those in attendance to share their thoughts via Twitter using the hashtag #AAFTL.

The goal here is to get people talking about industry issues that truly matter.