Seth Kaufman, PepsiCo to Keynote AAF’s Digital Conference

Seth Kaufman, PepsiCo to Keynote AAF’s Digital Conference

Washington, D.C. (Dec. 9, 2015)—Today, the American Advertising Federation (AAF) announced that Seth Kaufman, Chief Marketing Officer for PepsiCo North America Beverages  will deliver the opening keynote for AAF’s Digital Conference, Edge Effect: Media Meets Technology in Advertising.

The conference will bring together Senior- to Executive-level marketing, advertising, advertising technology and media professionals from major brands, agencies and media companies to address important topics emerging out of the shift to advertising technology and its uses across industries. The powerful line-up of speakers, preceded by Kaufman, will explore topics, such as best practices and business models for brands onboarding new technologies for advertising in “Brands As the New VC’s,” what we can power and create with technology in advertising in “Truth, Lies & Advertising Technology,” what a tech-driven future looks like in a Fireside Chat and the role of video in the future of digital advertising with AOL. Through keynotes and exclusive one-on-one networking sessions with AOL, Pandora, Starcom MediaVest Group, Yahoo! and other industry pioneers, the conference will deliver an enriching and unique experience for attendees. Continue Reading →

Brand Publishing: Talent, Team, And Tools

It’s impossible not to have noticed that the publishing world, both consumer and B2B, has fallen on hard times. Publications have up and died, publishers have closed down and failed. Thank the Internet.

While this is certainly a calamity for the media industry, it is something of a boon for savvy brands and marketers, who are realizing that this is their chance to fill the content void left by the disappearance of newspapers and magazines—a chance to, well, become publishers themselves.

Now, if being a publisher were easy, everybody would be doing it. But it’s not. Being a publisher requires the right talent, team, and tools to get the job done, and not every enterprise is willing to make that happen. For those that do, however, an opportunity to shine awaits.

Today, in the new digital world, content-creation and content-production tools that were once the province of publishers are available to all enterprises, large and small. Content-management systems and content-curation technology can help turn brands into publishers overnight.

But here’s the catch: None of these tools or technologies helps with the creation of good, worthwhile content. That’s up to the CMO and his or her marketing team. Everyone has been creating lead- and demand-gen content for years now—musty white papers that potential customers have to provide name, rank, and serial number to get the privilege to receive.

That’s not being a publisher, and that’s not content marketing.

Being a publisher means looking at content 180 degrees differently. Good content is about what the customer is interested in, not what you and your marketing mission statement says is interesting. It’s about them, not about you. This is probably the main impediment to brands truly becoming publishers.

At some conference in the recent past, I was listening in on a discussion with a brand marketer who “got” content marketing and one who was struggling. “Who is a good example of a company that does content marketing well?” asked the rookie. “Well,” said the sage, “you have to look at Red Bull to see how far you can take this. The fact is, Red Bull is a media company that just happens to make an energy drink.”

You might not want to take it to Red Bull extremes, but are you and your team ready to create something new and valuable and interesting and entertaining for your customer?

All the tools and technology in the world won’t make you a publisher; thinking like a media company, a storyteller, and an editor will.

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