What to Expect During Our Advertising Week Panel: Images, Ethics and Power

Images, Ethics, PowerOur advertising week panel of advertising, media and academic professionals are coming together to discuss the necessity of TV Networks, producers, advertisers and professionals to portray multicultural groups fairly. We will document with specific illustrations of how multicultural groups, including youth, are being portrayed with overwhelmingly negative stereotypes, especially in Reality TV, and our professional beliefs that these unfair depictions lead to violent encounters in society, as well as discouraging multicultural youth from striving to grow through education and hard work.

Our industry and its professionals have an obligation to encourage and achieve the fair portrayal of diverse groups. While these unfair depictions do not violate laws, ethics should rise above the law. Following the ethical definition of “Doing the Right Thing”, our programming should reflect the values of America: equality and inclusiveness of our citizens, and fairness and objectivity in their treatment.

From a positive perspective, our panel will also document what is and can be done to encourage a fairer depiction of multicultural groups. The “business case” for ethics will be demonstrated on how action taken by caring groups will bring about change.

The group will also discuss resources available that will influence producers, script writers, actors and sponsors to do the right thing when facing this ethical dilemma. Tools include making the case for the negative impact of stereotyping that can be conveyed on Facebook and Twitter. Also, focus on advertisers by encouraging them to sponsor shows that give more balance with positive images and then to support those companies that do so. Key findings from the Center for Social Inclusion (CSI) will also be presented on how to effectively communicate about diversity and inclusion through media.

Images, Ethics and Power: The Portrayal of Diverse Communities on Television and in the Media

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 2:30 p.m.
New York Times Building

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ShocaseAmerican Advertising Federation

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Wally Snyder

Wally Snyder, Institute for
Advertising Ethics, AAF

Wally Snyder has devoted his entire professional career to working on advertising development, regulation and ethics. He served as a trial lawyer and as Assistant Director for Advertising Practices at the Federal Trade Commission before joining the American Advertising Federation where he served as president and CEO, from 1992–2008. Currently, he serves as Executive Director for the Institute for Advertising Ethics. Wally was inducted into the Advertising Hall of Fame® in 2009.

Advertising Week Panel: Images, Ethics & Power


Images, Ethics & Power

The Portrayal of Diverse Communities on Television and in the Media

September 30, 2015 at 2:30 pm

New York Times
620 8th Ave
New York, NY 10018

Recent news stories and television programming have raised questions about the representation of people of color in the media. To help answer those questions, the American Advertising Federation and Shocase, Inc. have gathered a panel of ad professionals, academics, policy influencers and media executives to examine the effects of media content on society, specifically the perceptions created in the minds of younger audiences. More importantly, we will discover how to collectively generate the necessary structural changes to institute realistic imagery of multicultural communities. The action starts here.

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Dr. Jannette Dates

Dr. Jannette Dates,
Howard University

Esther Franklin

Esther Franklin, Starcom MediaVest Group

Jessica Kang,

Jessica Kang, Center for
Social Inclusion

Christena J. Pyle,

Christena J. Pyle, Omnicom Group; ADCOLOR

Wally Snyder

Wally Snyder, Institute for
Advertising Ethics