Strengthen Consumer Engagement Through Ad Tech and Marketing Collaboration

In today’s always-connected, on-demand digital world, consumers can choose where and how they get their media, like never before. This creates a big challenge, as brands need a constant stream of content to address their audience’s needs. However, it also opens new opportunities for marketers to establish stronger personal relationships between brands and consumers.

Brands need to be prepared to engage with their target audience across a wide spectrum of media at any time, in any place. This can include a video or photo that pops up on a social channel, an article on a favorite news site, blog posts or podcasts on a company web page or a digital ad that appears while doing an online search.

Content for the masses has been replaced by content for the individual. With the ongoing fragmentation of media, brands are learning that highly personalized content is essential to drive customer engagement. The challenge is pulling in the right people and partners to make this happen.

Ad technology plays a valuable role in the development of personalized content. Having real-time information on how consumers are interacting with content, both the brand’s and the competition, allows marketers to continually strengthen their outreach. With this approach a brand can understand who a consumer is and what they want, often before that consumer even realizes they want or need the brand.

This onslaught of new technologies also creates new demands as advertising is becoming as much about science as art. Marketers are tasked with merging traditional and digital media formats, while measuring their results in new ways. New engagement metrics, such as gaze time, total interactions, interaction rates and cost/engaged visit require technical expertise that often isn’t available in-house or at a traditional ad agency.

ShocaseThe Need for Collaboration

One solution would be for technology companies to hire more creatives and ad agencies to develop more tech capabilities. The problem with this tactic is it dilutes the strengths of each type of business.

Instead of competing, collaboration makes more sense for these highly specialized but diverse companies. In a partnership, an agency and an ad tech company can combine their strengths to deliver a whole solution that is greater than the sum of its parts. And, when it comes to engaging with consumers, it goes well beyond advertising. Collaborating with experts in PR, video production, and social media, to name just a few areas, is also required to deliver consistency across platforms.

The more consistent the message across all media, the more effective a campaign will be. Brands that deliver consistency in their entertainment value, style and depth of knowledge create a strong level of trust with their audience that often leads to increased sales and other desired behaviors.

We are just at the beginning of this digital media era and new challenges and opportunities will continue to arise. Staying nimble will be a key to success. Partnerships allow brands to move faster and generate more opportunities to develop deep, engaging consumer experiences. In this digital era where brands are looking for any competitive advantage they can find, collaboration will be a key driver of innovation. It’s up to all those involved to find the right partners to drive change and develop best practices to stay at the bleeding edge of this digital revolution.

Ron Young is the founder and CEO of Shocase, a professional market network designed exclusively to connect the world of marketing. With Shocase, marketers can find partners and talent across all marketing disciplines, build teams and win business.

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About the Author

Ron Young, founder and CEO, Shocase

Ron Young, Founder & CEO, Shocase

Ron Young, Shocase

Ron Young is the founder and CEO of Shocase, the first professional social network designed specifically for marketers. He has a proven business track record with more than 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and marketing leader. Ron previously held prominent marketing roles at Levi’s, CVS and Electronic Arts, and was founder or CMO of three successful startups that achieved nine-figure exits. More…