Staff Picks: Favorite Ad Campaigns of 2015

From diversity-focused initiatives to just plain foodie-licious ads, the AAF staff has loved this year in advertising. We love what we do and the industry we serve, so we are thrilled to share with you some of our favorite ads of 2015 so far. Captain Obvious

Kai Jones

Kai Jones, Manager, Mosaic Center & Education Services, AAF

Kai Jones, a Manager in the Mosaic Center & Education Services here at the AAF, shares her thoughts on’s “Captain Obvious.”

“I love, love’s Captain Obvious. He’s a super simple character, and whoever came up with him is brilliant. Pointing out the obvious is always the first thing you try to do when explaining something and that’s literally all he does.”


United Healthcare: Amusing Injuries

Lauren Seppi

Lauren Seppi, Assistant Vice President – Events, AAF

Who says insurance companies have to be serious in every ad spot? Our Assistant Vice President of Events reminds us it’s ok to have a comical approach to selling insurance.

“Amazing spot by United Healthcare had me completely taken by surprise that such a funny ad was for a health insurance company. Had me dying laughing and still remembering that it was United Healthcare!”


Android: Friends Furever

Joanne Schecter

Joanne Schecter, EVP, Club Services, AAF

 Joanne Schecter, EVP of Club Services, picked a feel-good-industry favorite that reminds us what peaceful co-existence looks like.

“The choice of music goes perfectly with the video…fun, lighthearted and adorable. It makes me want to see the commercial over and over again. Also, any commercial that uses cute animals doing precious things is a winner in my book!!! The commercial made me happy and warm inside.”


Wells Fargo: Learning Sign Language

Assistant Manager, Mosaic Carer & Education Services, AAF

Assistant Manager, Mosaic Carer & Education Services, AAF

Morgan McDaniel, another one of our Mosaic Center & Education Services Managers, picked a fairly new and absolutely wonderful ad spot that highlights the beautiful side of diversity.

“My favorite commercial is called “Learning Sign Language” by Wells Fargo. As a member of the LGBT community myself, I was overwhelmed with amazement and happiness by this particular spot. Two women are squeezing sign language lessons between cooking dinner, riding the train and work. However, you aren’t really sure why they’re learning it until you see their first visit with their beautiful adopted daughter. And one of the first things they say is that they will be her “new mommies”. I literally get goosebumps every time I watch it. Bravo Wells Fargo, bravo.”


Old Spice | And So It Begins

Digital Marketing & Content Strategy, AAF

Digital Marketing & Content Strategy, AAF

“I have to say there is some stiff competition out there for my favorite ad spot. Between Coca-Cola’s multi-hit campaigns and Budweiser’s “Lost Puppy,” my heart strings have been pulled in all directions this year. The spot that takes the cake for me, though, is Isaiah Mustafa’s return to Old Spice commercials. These commercials never stop cracking me up. More importantly, from a Digital/Marketing perspective, understanding the origins of this campaign and seeing how it has come to be what it is just hits home. It’s great to see such a solid campaign that taps into its demographics and research with excellence.

Intermarche: Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables

Laetitia Brock, Manager, Mosaic Center & Education Services

Laetitia Brock, Manager, Mosaic Center & Education Services

We love campaigns that both humble and enlighten us in tactful ways. Laetitia Brock, Mosaic Center & Education Services, picked an ad spot that does just that.

“While people go hungry, 100 million metric tons food is wasted every year, and 40% of perfectly fresh, nutritious produce are thrown away because they’re not seen as aesthetically pleasing enough to be sold in stores. So to see if customers would be willing to buy imperfect produce, Marcel Worldwide created the “Fruits et Legumes Moches” campaign for Intermarché, a supermarket chain in France. The supermarket bought imperfect produce that is normally thrown out at a 30 percent discount from growers. They gave the fruits and vegetables their own aisle, prominent displays in select stores and distributed soups and juices made from the inglorious produce to show that their less-than-perfect appearance didn’t affect their taste or nutritional value.  Not only was the campaign extremely successful in raising awareness about food waste in France, but it generated a ton of press and social media buzz and, most importantly, spurred copycat campaign across the globe, including an initiative led by Jamie Olivier for Asda supermarkets in the UK and the no name® Naturally Imperfect line of fruits and vegetables in Canada.”

thinkThin: Runner 30

American Advertising Federation

Sara Yoskoski, Coordinator, Club Services

One of the AAF’s newest team members, Sara Yoskoski in Club Services, picks an ad spot that takes a new and comical approach to a health bar.

“It was the first commercial I had seen in a while that really made me laugh! I thought it was a very clever way of marketing a health product.”