Sara Mahmood | Advertising Week NYC

Senior Digital Strategist


Sara MahmoodA recipient of more than 30 honors, Sara Mahmood has been recognized for leading by example and making an impact on the world. She was awarded The 2015 Most Promising Rising Star award by the American Advertising Federation, selected as a 2014 FUTURE by ADCOLOR and also sits on the organization’s Advisory Board. Sara is an advocate for building community, creating awareness and driving innovation. She is a trailblazer in empowering woman, making education accessible and promoting multiculturalism in advertising and marketing-related industries.

A marketing and communications professional with global corporate, integrated marketing, social media and advertising agency experience, Sara has successfully strategized and solved complex problems for many prominent brands: Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz Financial, Michigan Economic Development Corporation, BASF Chemical Company, Hasbro Inc. and more. Currently, Sara is a Senior Strategist/Analyst on the Ford Motor Company business at GTB.

Sara is active as a leader in professional industry organizations. She is an elected board member of the Adcraft Club of Detroit’s PM Board; a chair of the AdCon Career Conference; Founder and President of Levo League Detroit; a moderator of the Lean In Detroit Circle; past president of the American Advertising Federation chapter at Wayne State University; and, a former American Advertising Federation-Initiative future board member serving as millennial brand strategist and adviser. “I want young professionals to know that they can have an impact on their surroundings,” says Sara. “You begin with initiative and a very strong will, than seek out resources and people who share your vision. Things take off from there and before you know it, you’re making a difference.”

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