Round Table Discussion Topics

During this one-hour, banquet style lunch, attendees will have the opportunity to network and discuss today’s hot topics. Premium ticket holders will have the exclusive opportunity to dine with key leaders from major brands represented below.

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AOLJim Norton, AOL

Jim Norton, SVP, Global Head of Media Sales, AOL

Table Topic:

The Next Generation of Culture and Code

As the ad landscape becomes increasingly mobile-focused, mobile content and mobile tech will continue to forge interwoven paths. Mobile tech creates channels to run and distribute mobile content, which makes the world more dynamic, more personal and more exciting.

Mobile has shattered the media landscape, simplifying the lives of consumers but complicating the options for marketers. Join AOL’s Jim Norton to discover how brands can combine the best of culture and code to create premium mobile experiences.

Creative Artists AgencyDavid Messinger, CAA
David Messinger, Co-Head of Marketing, CAA

Table Topic:

As audiences increasingly shift their time to digital platforms and properties, many marketers move beyond the conventions of traditional advertising and create marketing content which looks and feels more like entertainment.  In this Round Table discussion, CAA Marketing Co-Head David Messinger will lead a discussion about how a digital world enables marketers to develop marketing content that people want to watch for its own sake.

CMOTimothy Moran, Editor in Chief,

Timothy Moran, Editor in Chief,

Table Topic:

Advertising technology makes becoming a brand as publisher easier. This discussion will look at how this plays into the new world of digital marketing/advertising.

MRM//McCannTamy Harms, President, MRM//McCann Detroit.

Tamy Harms, President/Detroit

Table Topic:

When the Customer Experience and Tech Intersect

Is “Customer Experience” the new brand buzzword? Brands are leveraging technology to map the customer journey and define the moments that matter. And they’re also using it to deliver differentiated, engaging experiences along the way. This discussion will take a look at how brands are using technology to understand – and improve – the customer experience.

PandoraBarret Roberts, Pandora

Barret Roberts, CPG Head of Industry, Pandora

Table Topic:

The Killer Equation: Creative Idea + Technology + Scale = Connection.  Does one factor really have to suffer or can brands have it all?  This table discussion will focus in on the key elements to getting it right, learnings along the way and identifying relevant examples of success.


Ron Young, Founder and CEO, Shocase

Table Topic: “Attention” is the new currency for brand advertising. How do we leverage advertising technology to ensure customers take notice and what are the right ways to measure it?

SparkShelby Saville, President of Innovation and Investment Platforms, Spark

Shelby Saville, President of Innovation and Investment Platforms, Spark

Table Topic:

Virtual Reality: The Next Frontier in Marketing

Virtual reality is poised to finally have its long-awaited cultural breakthrough. In late 2015, Google and The New York Times defined VR’s tipping point moment when the publication delivered 1.2 million Google Cardboard headsets to its print subscribers, in conjunction with the release of the its VR app. From Hollywood movies and mainstream media outlets to tech companies and venture capitalist, everyone seems to be diving into VR. With younger consumers placing more value on emotion and experience, VR is positioned to fundamentally change how future generations engage with content, in turn changing the very foundation of how content is created. Led by Spark’s President of Innovation and Investment Platforms Shelby Saville, this roundtable discussion will address how brands can leverage VR to grow their businesses by deepening storytelling, building tech-forward relationships with consumers, and scaling immersive physical and exclusive experiences.

Zocalo GroupJeff Woelker, Zocalo Group

Jeff Woelker, VP, Senior Director of Technology and Media, Zócalo Group

Table Topic:

Where does social go from here?

This lunch topic will explore how social is evolving, where it’s going next and what you as a marketer should think about. For years, social has been thought of as a “one-off” channel and 2016 is paving the way for social to be a powerhouse in the marketing mix. As consumers spend more and more of their time there, brands and marketers need to quickly get on board and anticipate what’s next.