Norma Orcí | Advertising Week NYC

Co-Founder and Founding Creative Director


OrciNorma Orci is Co-Founder and Founding Creative Director of Orci. Her Creative vision of “Share of Heart” has led to the success of the agency and to establishing strong and profitable relationships between Latino consumers and many of the country’s major brands.

Norma has been a champion of the Latino consumer throughout her career, and has guided Corporate America to understand, value, and better serve the Latino community. Her work for Honda, Disneyland, Verizon and dozens of other well-loved brands, has won many awards and helped raise the standard of Communication to U.S. Latinos.

She was a founding board member of the New America Alliance, ProAmérica Bank, the Los Angeles Academy for the Arts and Enterprise (LAAAE), has served on the Board of MALDEF and is a founding member of AHAA.

She studied Economics and International Relations at the University of Southern California and was on the faculty at UCLA for over 15 years as an instructor in marketing and advertising.
Norma is a native of Chihuahua Mexico.

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