Millennials Response to “Intelligence” – Howard University


“Always posed with the question, why did you got to an HBCU? It is more than just race, it is about the lifestyles of these students that I relate to.”


“People want to be involved with a cause or an organization that connects them with a group they want to share their value.”


“What other media or advertisements relate to me…It plays a major role in all of our

Are we in post-racial America since President Obama’s election?

The majority of the panelists disagree.

“We need to have honest conversations to have people talk about their views and issues. It should not simply be ignored.”

“The election of President Obama means we are moving forward and including these races in all decisions moving forward.”

“The perception of race has simply changed since the Boomers and integration plays a major role.”

“What we believe in plays a significant role with integration. It will lead to the world chaning in the world.”

Is social media breaking boundaries?

“Allows you to add family-related/cultural influences with the rest of your friends that may not be the same ethnicity as yourself.”

Do you consider your immediate environment diverse?

“Howard University brings so many people from different cities, states and countries…the dialects, culture, and food all differs.”

“I feel like we are all not that much different besides the physical difference. The family dynamic is very similar still.”

Are there similarities despite different backgrounds at you school?

“Everyone want to be undetstood…They want to share things and be liked.”

“Everyone wants to be successful…Having a good career, a family and reliable friends are a common core for all of us.”

Does social media help relationships grow offline?

“Not often…I rather take my real-world relationships online to keep the conversation fresh.”

“We want to connet with someone intially offline…You want to know those people you are sharing things through social media.”

“If you have a specified interests you can find others that might have similar ones…The relationship could be stronger online than offline.”

How do you spend your free time?

“We multitask…On the computer, watching this new show, on Twitter following the show, texting friends, doing homework, on Facebook.”

“The concept of free time doesn’t really exist amongst us…You never know when you could make a contact that could lead to success.”

“Even when I am writing a paper, I have my Facebook up chatting with friends to continue to build on relationships.”

Who are your role models?

“Myself…I know what I am trying to accomplish and what I need to do…You have to live up to yourself.”

“A number of my peers….They have qualities that I don’t have and they can give me advice on the process of entering the workforce.”

Does ethnicity play a role when selecting your media?

“It plays a role but if it is interesting and relates to my values them I am going to consume it.”

“I am more on the content side rather than the ethnicity factor because my values encompass everything I do.”

Some argue that social media and reality TV have tainted the view of a celebrity, do you agree?

“We allow them to become one because we follow them in all that they do and “celebrate” their misfortunes and accomplishments.”

“It has impacted more than we know and people need to start demanding for better shows.”

“There are shows out there that are beneficial but the majority of them are watered down and we are fed up because we know our lives are not like this.”

“If it was not for social media people would not be able to look beyond wha tis happening on the screen. Social media allows them to show their authentic side.”

What is your favorite brand and why?

“Apple…It is the shere intelligence of it and is always the cutting edge.”

“Apple…It is the whole idea of having a community rather than a computer.”

“Google…Innovative brands make my life so much easier.”

“Crayola…Inspire imagination.”

“Air Jordans…I will spend my hard earned money on them until I have kids.”

“Disney…Growing up in Californnia you have to go there from ages 4 to 7…Something that is nostalgic.”

“Dove…The smell always reminds me of my mom and gives me a feeling of freshness.”

What medium depicts humor the best way in your life?

“Television…Superbowl Ads…They are 30-second ads that they spend millions of dollars on to convince you to invest in their product.”

What does a brand have to do to win your loyalty?

“It as to be able to engage me in some way…That call-to-action is most effective.”

“I can love the idea of your brand but if your product or service sucks then I am not going to buy it.”

“Content and reputation plays a vital role.”

What will make you go online and share a brand with your friends?

“If the experience stand out to me, then I am going to advocate for the brand.”

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