Industry Thought Leaders Share Insights – Howard University

Final Thoughts…

“Always be willing to learn and research things…It never stop, you must always be open.”

“Take the initiative to learn new things…Always ask questions even if people may think it is a “dumb” one.”

“Stay driven and don’t ever settle.”

“It is a strange business that is always changing…No longer will people have jobs for 20 to 25 years…Your experiences are where the ideas are going to come from.”


How can brands and Millennials connect when products are being sold?

“Taking the millennials to ourjobs could give us  a new perspective to what we are doing.”

“The two must work together.”


What type of education or training needs to be required of marketers to connect with Millennials?

“You have to be personable…Being out there and looking around to see what is going on around the world…Taking risk could provide dialogue and learning.”

“Open-mindedness…We are surrounded by so many people and so many perspectives these days.”


How vital are Millennials to a you job?

“Very…I have to listen to them to know what they want.”

“They keep me on my toes and know where the shifts/changes are coming in the industry.”

“Everything is centered around them…What they are listening to and what they are doing plays a crucial role.”


What specific training is needed to be effective with Millennials?

“Staying fresh and staying at the front of what is going on.”

“Going to conferences and seeing how it can be used in your work is key…It all starts with the drive within yourself.”


What type of hiring practice should be adopted for Millennials?

“Skyping, conference calls amd working from home are all factors in today’s hiring process.”

“Spending the day at high schools and middle schools.”


How is the communication between the “Dad” and “Daughter (Millennials)” adopted in the workplace?

Daughter – “Collaboration will play a role in a success.”

Dad – “Taking a step back…It is a process one has to learn but once you do then your success will soar.”

Daughter – “Knowing that my insights are being heard but also having that “Dad” to look up to is so crucial.”

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