Five Things We Learned At AAF Experience Digital 2014 – In The Voice Of Opta Sports

As a die hard soccer fan, and digital marketing professional, I was looking for a way to cover the AAF Experience Digital Conference in a manner that suited both of my interests. Using the Opta model, I found a way.

If you’re not familiar, Opta is the world’s leading sports data company, specifically for soccer. Why is the relevant to the AAF Experience Digital Conference, you ask? One of the biggest themes of the conference, along with every other marketing and digital conference this year is “Big Data.” How do we, as marketers leverage big data, making it not only comprehensible, but also merchandising it to create better experiences for the consumer – all while increasing profits internally. 

Opta has cracked the code – making Big Data not only digestible to consumers through social media, but merchandising it to clients for a profit, with tangible results.

One of Opta’s biggest strengths, as mentioned above is making Big Data digestible for the consumer. They have carved out a successful niche as a must-follow handle on Twitter, providing relevant, real-time statistics on some of the world’s biggest soccer leagues.

Below is an example of one of their tweets. The Opta formula is simple, provide a useful, relevant piece of information, and bookend with one word that summarizes the statistic.

Since the formula works so well for Opta, we thought it would be fun to share five interesting statistics from Experience Digital, in the voice of Opta. Enjoy.

  1. 3—Elements you need to keep people’s attention: Anticipation + Space + Time. Formula
  2. 50—The percentage of display ads never seen by a consumer. Wasteland
  3. 1 million—People who took the “Which Barbie are you?” quiz on Buzzfeed, making it their most popular quiz ever. Viral.
  4. 66 billion—Dollars spent on television advertising in 2013. King.
  5. 0 —The amount of marketers that are in control. Consumers are in control, whether advertisers realize it or not. Shift.

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