Danielle Austen | Advertising Week NY

Managing Partner & CEO


Austen_Danielle_300x300Danielle is the founder of fluent360, a full-service advertising agency with a mission to unfold the power of cultural influence. fluent360 is an idea-driven firm that acts as a single-source solution for its clients in developing communications plans for African-American, Asian-American, US Hispanic and LGBTQ consumers. Danielle’s nearly 20 years in marketing and advertising has included both corporate and agency experience. From Nordstrom to Sony to Nissan and Infiniti—to name just a few—Danielle has helped grow brands, while making the world a more inclusive place through messaging and imagery. Currently serving on the AAF’s Mosaic Council, and the National Board of Directors for the AAF as well as CRVIII.com, Danielle is on a mission to share the power of culture with anyone and everyone who’ll listen.

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