Case Study: How Extra Space Storage Boosted Its Online Presence with Google

Google’s Display Marketing Team has put together a very inspiring case study involving a storage company and their pursuit of online excellence. The study, entitled “How Extra Space Storage Boosted Its Online Presence with Google” caters to companies offering location based products, where placing a local marketing expert at each location is simply not an option. Paid search was the chosen vehicle, with Extra Space Storage delving deeper into the space, exploring zip code targeting, mobile ads, display and even the Wildfire social media platform.

Prior to the study, Extra Space Storage increased their digital spend, using enhanced campaigns with zip code targeting and remarketing lists for search ads, lowering CPA and increasing ROI. Google has shared the statistics and created a short video to accompany the study. Check it out!

Presented by: Google | Think Insights

Extra Space Storage plays a vital role in their customers’ lives, helping them with storage needs during life’s important events. To reach an increasingly mobile and digital audience, ESS turned to Google to boost online rentals, with an ambitious cross-channel campaign that included search, display, mobile and social efforts. The results have been phenomenal: a 1300% increase in its share of customers coming from digital.


  • Reach people needing storage at the right moment
  • Operate at scale while marketing 960 local facilities
  • Maintain variety of touch points with customers across channels


  • Grew digital spend by more than 30% in past year while maintaining a low cost-per-acquisition
  • Drove sales through mobile, search and display
  • Engaged consumers through YouTube, display and social


  • Share of rentals from online channels grew 1300% in five years
  • Digital marketing spend grew while CPA remained consistent or dropped
  • Zip code targeting ROI topped 184%, with a 77% CTR

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