ADMIT YOU’RE HAPPY: AAF Has Become Family (AAF Member)

Why I’m Happy to be an AAF Member

So…it’s Admit You’re Happy Month? Half my board members will likely chuckle when they see an article about me admitting to being happy. I’m the chronic dry-humored, logistical personality. Maybe this shouldn’t be published. It might ruin my reputation.

But truthfully, I am very happy to be a member of AAF for several reasons.

First and foremost, AAF has become family. I’ve never been a part of any social group or professional group which is as connected as AAF is — locally, on the district level, and at the National level. AAF Southwest Virginia is a relatively new club. We’ve only been around for going on four years now. I’m so glad to have been part of forming our chapter as it has opened so many doors and new relationships that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. If there’s a success to be celebrated, my AAF family are the first to celebrate with me. If there’s a dismal failure and venting to be done, my AAF family are the first to be there and lament and share their horror stories as well. For someone who works from home, that’s an awesome group of people to have around.

Second, my AAF experience has been very personally rewarding. Sure, we all do our best at our day jobs, but volunteering with a group of like-minded people to accomplish some amazing things is very fulfilling. From being a part of a group who recognizes and rewards creative excellence in such a tiny market as ours to pulling an all-nighter helping local nonprofits in our public service efforts, it’s a fantastic feeling to know that I’ve made an impact for deserving folks. From public service to diversity to recognition and looking out for our industry, AAF’s mission and vision aligns with my own. That’s something to happily be a part of.

Lastly, I have a blast. Working from home all the time, AAF meetings really are my social life in a lot of ways. The people are smart and fun to be around and I look forward to board meetings, luncheons and conferences because these crazy AAF people are my kind of crazy. They’re creative, they’re smart and they appreciate bottles with the word “proof” on them just like I do. Our club just hosted the “small, but mighty” AAF District 3 Leadership Conference this past weekend and it was such a reminder of how much of a blast this organization is to be a part of.

So am I admitting I’m happy this month? Hell yeah, I’m happy to be a part of AAF. Proud of it too.

About the Author

Jeremy BiseJeremy Bise is Co-Founder of ThoseGeeks, a small web design and development shop based in Abingdon, Virginia. He has spoken on numerous topics ranging from blogging, analytics, email marketing and more. In AAF land, Jeremy was the inaugural president of AAF Southwest Virginia and has served as Virginia Governor and currently is treasurer for AAF District 3.

Past President, Past Chair, Current Treasurer, AAF Southwest Virginia

Past AAF Virginia Governor, Current AAF District 3 Treasurer