ADMIT YOU’RE HAPPY: A.J. Busé on Being COG Chair

There are lots of ways to let someone know you’re happy.

You can show it: smile, hug, laugh, make a delightful sound.

You can even say it:

 ”I’m happy to be here.”

“Happy to help.”

“I’m happy to see you.”

“Happy you like it.”

But I’m happy to say that the best way is to sincerely feel it:

You really are happy to be where you are and it makes you smile.

You are sincerely happy to help someone else and receive their gratitude.

You are truly happy to see someone, so much so that you share a hug.

And you’re happy when your hard work is appreciated.

More often than not, people tend to appreciate our volunteer help more than our “job” work, such as the volunteer work we do for AAF.

We join a committee because we want to be involved. We chair that committee to make a difference. We join our club’s board of directors to share accomplishments with like-minded people. We become president of our club because we want the advertising industry in our market to succeed. The responsibilities grow, the challenges increase, but our sincere involvement and the success we achieve, well, that makes us happy.

I just might be the happiest AAF member right now. As Chair of the Council of Governors, I am honored to work with the leaders of all 15 districts and national Ad2 to ensure everyone finds value in their AAF membership. It’s tough work and it takes a lot of time. But I’m happy to do it; the rewards are enormous. Being able to work with all 40,000 AAF members – from the newbie who just joined for the first time, to those who are serving as district Governors and chairing national committees – please know that I am happy to be here, happy to help, happy to see you and happy when you like what we’re doing.

Make the most of your AAF membership. Get involved. You’ll be happy you did!

About the Author

A.J. BuseA.J. Busé has a BS in Advertising and MS in Mass Communication. He began his career working at a handful of advertising/public relations agencies in Nashville, gaining experience as traffic manager, production director, account executive, creative director and VP creative services. He traveled to all 50 states in 8 months doing public relations for a national tour commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Bill of Rights. He also began Brand New Day advertising/public relations nearly 20 years ago and worked in the marketing departments at Vanderbilt Medical Center and Saint Thomas Health.

Busé has taught as adjunct faculty for more than 10 years at Middle Tenn State University, Belmont University and Tenn State University, teaching classes in writing, graphic design, marketing, pr and advertising campaigns. He served as president of AAF Nashville, Governor of AAF District 7 and countless committees, many with a focus on students/advertising education. Currently, A.J. serves at the national level as Chair of the Council of Governors and member of the AAF Board of Directors Executive Committee.